Bagsværd Kirke

Despite Bagsværd Church featuring in a great many lectures at architecture school, nothing prepared me for how beautiful this space truly is. Any self respecting archinerd must visit this place.

Located a little bit out of the centre of Copenhagen, Bagsværd Kirke is Jørn Utzon's lesser known masterpiece (the first, of course, being the Sydney Opera House). This was Utzon's first commission upon returning to Denmark, following his somewhat turbulent stint as the head architect of the Sydney Opera House project. The two buildings adopt a similar palette of predominantly white materials and both feature organic curves.

Where the Sydney Opera House makes a bold statement externally, Bagsværd Kirke presents itself to the outside world as a shed. In fact, a passer by would never stop to look at this building twice. The true beauty of Bagsværd Kirke lies in its interior, where lighting, both natural and artificial, gives life to the undulating form of the ceiling. 

Restrained, minimal, and an expanse of white; one could be forgiven for thinking this space would feel cold and sterile, yet somehow Utzon has managed to craft a church that is light-filled, warm, and inviting. Architecture at its finest.

I'd love to hear if you've visited Bagsværd Kirke and what you thought of it! L x