Liguria II with a side of Pisa

Sometimes one region just has too many riches to offer, which is exactly how I felt (and still feel) about Liguria. The Cinque Terre is only one of the countless jewels in its crown, with many beautiful spots lining the Italian Riviera (like the French Riviera, but with better food).

To say that I am not a morning person is a huge understatement, but the promise of an epic day trip, can provide enough motivation to cut my sleep in short!
About an hour's train journey north from the Cinque Terre lies Rapallo, from where you can catch a ferry to the famously beautiful playground of the rich, Portofino. Whilst I did't spend a lot of time in Portofino itself, admiring the super yachts (one day) from up close was pretty spectacular. Not to mention the stunning colourful (when I'm on holiday, I like colour) villas that line the water.

Just around the bay from Portofino is one of the most insane beaches you are ever likely to see. The Abbazia di San Fruttuoso is an old abbey that sits directly on the beach, characterised by the bright turquoise water. It's quite the sight seeing hundreds of Italian sun seekers line the shore with the imposing old structure in the background! Park up on the pebbles for the day and hit up the little beach snack bar when you get peckish. 

The other little day trip, was not strictly a day trip, but a stopover before my flight home. Pisa has never really been somewhere I'd much of a desire to visit (probably has something to do with its not so great reputation when it comes to cuisine). It is worth taking an hour to view the Leaning Tower, but go as early as possible as the horde of tourists (with selfie sticks) gets pretty intense.

I'm still dreaming of that Ligurian Sea. The water is way too beautiful. L x